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Welcome to huohua.org
Huo == in chinese means: fire, passion
Hua == in chinese means: flower, art
HuoHua is the short name of HuoChaiHe TieHua (matchbox label). Huohua (Phillumeny) is the label of a matchbox.


TianXing Phillumeny Service


was founded by Guoxiang Xu in 1984 in Changzhou city,China. It was at beginning only as a hobby job for Guoxiang and his family. TianXing Phillumeny has its own issue every year for exchanging and selling per post. The issue includes phillumeny pricelist, Guoxiang's poems and articles, etc. (Currently it appears only in Chinese language in print issue, but the price-list in English will be available online soon.) With the issue you can easily get to know the Tianxing Phillumeny's lastest news, newest collections, price, and information.

"Tianxing Phillumeny" wishes you find the trust and the pleasure in our service!






“天幸火花“ 希望大家在交邮交流中寻找到信任,寻找到快乐!

Ms. Tianxing & Mr. Guoxiang

Home(天幸火花)About Guoxiang(国祥)Phillumeny(火花)Contact(联系方法)Guest Book(留言簿)Links(友情连接)